Thursday, August 26, 2010

lovin' their style.

i wasn't kidding this morning when i said that we are in love with australian weddings. look at what i just spotted on green wedding shoes. i swear, australian couples have MAD style.

xoxo, sfwife

pic by ck metro


  1. Totally Agree! I have decided that style is Australia's main export.

  2. I just adore her dress, and the tea party photoshoot! Timeless!

  3. thanks so much for featuring a photo from Tina and Tims Wedding, as the photographer is was the most beautiful event. Thanks and best wishes, Darren from

  4. Luv, luv, Aussie bridal designers

  5. Yay! Im an australian planning my wedding right now! wohoo
    did you see this amazing adelaide (aus) wedding on Ruffled...heaps adorable!

    Also check out my blog, in a month i will be married and have all my photos up of things like teacups, desserts and a 1950's dress! Yay!