Monday, October 4, 2010

dress obsession.

remember this morgane le fay dress we fell head over heels in love with? well check it out on this adorable bride. we are dying to see some close up pics!

xoxo, sfwife

images by max wanger; see more on martha stewart


  1. love that she didnt shy away from the black tights!

    and good to know you love kate's work, being in the industry, that is good to hear! we fell in love with her after meeting her for like 5 seconds. soooo excited to work with her!

  2. oh love this dress and her different for a "bride" but so chic and stylish!

  3. Wow the photos came out amazing!!! Looks great!!! :)
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  4. What a lovely couple you look so pretty. I love One Lovely Day. It always has such gorgeous photos…. I’m getting married after 5 month so, I think that we will do anything to make our wedding perfect. Your wedding dress is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen... That is gorgeous dress, and the bride is wearing it well! Lovely! Thanks for sharing.
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