Thursday, October 21, 2010

happy birthday.

it's my little sister's birthday today and i must give her a big huge gigantic shout out! she is amazing! she's traveled the world, has the biggest heart, and is just down right the best sister on the planet! she has worked almost every wedding with sdwife and i...and we can't thank her enough. my sister's years of working in restaurants has been an invaluable asset to our team (she is our "back of the house/catering" genius). :) i love you and am so excited to be spending the day with you!

xoxo, sfwife

p.s. i just had to post the above pic from martha stewart. growing up, our mom would make us the coolest birthday cakes. she would make my sister and i "doll cakes" almost identical to the one above, and would make our little brother cakes shaped like star wars' characters. our mom = awesomeness!


  1. funny i just did a post on my little sisters birthday too - what a lovely shout out to your hard working sister, hope she has an amazing day!

  2. sisters are the best! (my mom made a barbie cake like this for my sister's bday one year when she was little... but barbie's hair caught on fire from the candles. wasn't pretty.)